About Us

    Organization information


    • Company name : Hannan Medispa Sdn Bhd
    • Email Company : hannanmedispa@gmail.com
    • Name as per SSM / ROS : Hannan Medispa Sdn Bhd
    • SSM / ROS Number : 1196193-H
    • Bank Name Company : Maybank Islamic Berhad
    • Bank Account No. : 553104576191
    • Address : PT 368, Tingkat 1 Jalan Jambatan Sultan Yahya, Jalan Kg Sireh, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
    • Working time : Ahad - Khamis (10am-6pm)
    • No telefon : 019-7089029

    About Us

    • Hannan Medispa is a Medispa Beauty Centre, established with the core objective to make the world a more beautiful place. Founded by Dr Hannan Yusof in 2012, Hannan Medispa therapy focuses more on natural beauty primarily on the face, acne and pigmentation therapy and slimming.

    • There are currently 9 Hannan Medispa Signature Therapy formulated in accordance with the skin condition for Asians, assisted by the use of high-tech machines imported from Korea & USA which are proven scientifically to help solve any of your skin problems.

    •  Hannan Medispa also provides a wide range of beauty products and skin care specially made by Hannan Cosmetics that caters for every skin type. Hannan Medispa now has 70 branches throughout Malaysia.

    • We are committed to offer the best services to our customers, giving them the opportunity to receive the best treatment for their skin at affordable prices without compromising quality.

    • We thank you to all our customers who have supported us as you are the driving force for us to move further forward. 

    Hannan's Philosophy

    1. Hannan Medispa is committed to providing the best service to customers who require facial beauty care services. We believe that good service quality provided for our customers will lead to further growth of the company.
    2. Furthermore, the use of high-tech equipments imported from Korea and USA at Hannan Medispa will reduce the recovery time and enhance the beauty of our customers. 
    3.  Hannan Cosmetics also provides the best skincare products that is tailored to our customers’ skin type and problems, and promises that our skincare products are made of the highest quality ingredients.

    Why choose Hannan Cosmetics skincare products? Here are the reasons why.

    1. Safety

    Safety is our outmost priority in delivering high quality skincare products with maximum effectiveness to our customers. All Hannan Cosmetics skincare products are manufactured overseas and comply with international safety standards. 

    Hannan Cosmetics skincare products goes through a number of quality checks before it is imported into Malaysia:

    - Food & Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Health and Human Services requires all Hannan Cosmetics skincare products to undergo lab tests and stability tests (including blindfold tests) that takes up to 6 months as per USA regulations. 

    - National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) Malaysia will quarantine all Hannan Cosmetics skincare products for at least 3 months and undergo further tests to ensure the product is stable and safe before launch into market.


    2. Advance technology

    Hannan Cosmetics skincare products utilizes only the latest technology in cosmetics production that is only available to our manufacturers overseas. With the use of high-tech equipments and ingredients during manufacturing, and strict quality control standards by our dedicated quality control team, we are commited in delivering the best skincare products for our customers. 

    3. Effectiveness

    Hannan Cosmetics skincare products are trusted by thousands of Malaysians to treat and protect their skin